SHR capital explains why forex is setting the benchmark for online trading in the UAE
Maybe it’s because we like to have everything within a click of a button, or maybe it’s because it enriches our lives (literally). But one thing’s for sure, ever since the spread of COVID-19, the entire online trading platform in the UAE has turned on its axis.
But why not? It’s not a bad thing!
Nowadays, you can do almost everything online, from working to shopping, video calling family and friends, and finding answers to all your queries. So why should online forex trading be any different?
Interestingly, the forex market is, by nature, extremely volatile. Yet, against all odds, it has reminded stable among other markets that are crashing, like stocks and commodities. This goes to show that online trading in the UAE is a natural progression that works around our digital-led lives.
The global pandemic is an opportunity for many people to reevaluate how they work, interact, and socialize. Not surprisingly, forex has exploded, as more and more people see trading online as a practical way of making money.
Despite the pandemic making the forex market extremely volatile, now more than ever, there are incredible trading opportunities for short-term traders. In today’s market, it’s therefore crucial to have a well-thought online forex trading strategy to succeed in such a volatile market.
SHR capital, one of the best forex trading companies in Dubai, shares the top four reasons that make forex the leading online trading platform in the UAE, and how you can benefit from it.
1.The biggest market in the world
As the largest and most liquid market in the world, forex has continued to operate while others have plunged. With over USD 5 trillion traded every day (you read it right, trillion with a “t”), forex is emerging as the economy’s hero with a constant flow of foreign exchange currencies.
SHR capital continually monitors the market and trading conditions to ensure to provide traders with free forex signals in the UAE. This way, traders can find the best optimal market liquidity and pricing.
2. Weaker currencies
Over the past few months, a lot of countries went into lockdown, forcing many businesses to shut down as well. While these strict measures were essential in controlling the spread of the virus, consequently, their currency lost its value.
As a forex trader, you can buy and sell weaker currencies. As business returns to normal, economies will start strengthening, and weaker currencies will, in turn, gain value against the stronger currencies, allowing you to make a profit from your trades.
While this strategy works well in theory, you need to rigorously analyze the situation of each currency’s country. SHR Capital, offer free forex signals in the UAE to help you navigate through these unpredictable times and create the best trading strategies.
3. Volatile market
The pandemic has made the forex market much more volatile. While some traders have exited the market, others with more business acumen are implementing strategic forex trading strategies.
The good news is, new traders can still trade in forex with the SHR Capital demo account, where you can practice and learn how to trade with forex before trading with real money. By learning to trade forex with a demo account before signing up, you will learn how to read forex daily signals and lessen the risk of losses.
If you’re an experienced trader, this is your chance to hit the market and put to good use your trading strategies! Create an account on SHR Capital to get real-time forex trading signals.
How SHR Capital can help you
SHR Capital is a licensed and regulated broker company in the UAE. As such, it provides real-time daily forex trading signals to help traders make informed decisions and implement their forex trading plans and strategies.
As one of the leading forex trading companies in Dubai, SHR capital has some useful market insight to help you minimize risks:

If you have the skills to trade in such a volatile market, SHR Capital is here to assist you with free daily forex trading signals. With unparalleled trading insights and analysis, you can stay up to date with the ever-changing market trends caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
On the other hand, you may also realize that you don’t have the strategies to trade in such a volatile market. Don’t worry! You can continue practicing your trading skills with a demo account, or simply wait for the market to stabilize itself again. Alternatively, have you thought about trading in cryptocurrencies?

While you may decide, for the time being, to exit the forex market, you can switch to cryptocurrency. Although the cryptocurrency market is more volatile, it has a few trading advantages. Chief of all, it does not have weekend gaps.
In other words, you can trade cryptocurrencies even on Saturdays and Sundays, when the Forex market is closed.

When it comes to choosing the best online trading platform in the UAE, SHR Capital is second to none.
Not only do you receive the outstanding customer care and free forex signals in the UAE, but it makes trading online easy. With an advanced desktop software and mobile app, with SHR, you can channel all your attention solely on trading.
Download out SHR Desktop Trader or, to stay on top of the market while you’re on the go, get our mobile app, SHR Mobile Trader.
Despite the gains of trading online during the pandemic, SHR capital advises traders to follow their trading plans as well as their trading strategies. Trying new strategies that you are not familiar with can, in such volatile markets, lead to heavy losses.
Stay safe and always trade responsibly.
Start trading with SHR Capital’s demo account to see what it takes to trade forex. If you’d like to open an account, register here.